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CYCat(Chi Yamada Cat) Algorithm-stabilized Cat

CYCat Mission

Our team strategically utilized SHIB and PEPE as early-stage acquisition assets. Additionally, our team members originate from esteemed entities such as Google and Meta, bringing forth rigorous coding prowess and expertise. We have embarked on this epic MEME experiment. The exclusive revelation is this: developers are barred from holding tokens. All our endeavors here are geared towards conducting a fair social examination; hence, the development team must dip into their own pockets to purchase tokens. This places all of us on an equal footing with users. Through sustained ecosystem development, our aim is to elevate CYCat's market share, offering both users and the development team ample opportunities for substantial wealth accumulation and cryptocurrency influence.

CYCat Profit Handbook

We allocate fees transparently on website, emphasizing transparency and decentralization. Of the total fee revenue, 40% is allocated to purchasing CYCat, 30% to marketing and listings, and 30% to ecosystem initiation. Initially, we provided significant cash injections to acquire a substantial quantity of CYCat, pivotal for launching ecosystem development. This encompassed enhancing liquidity on decentralized exchanges and securing a portion of the financial market. Moving forward, we will generate new returns through staking and minting USDCat. Users can also mint USDCat with CYCat, contributing to the CYCat ecosystem and minting new tokens. Through collaboration with various teams, we continuously refine and expand the CYCat ecosystem by minting new tokens via USDCat.

More about CYCat

Presenting the pioneering Algorithm-stabilized Cat Token, featuring Long-Models/Bullish-Models, with the objective of augmenting Binance Smart Chain's Daily Active Users (DAU) by 200%.

Long-model:All transaction fees are allocated towards repurchasing, thereby instigating price escalations ranging from 200 to 1000 times the initial valuation.

Algorithm-stabilized Cat:A groundbreaking financial AI engineered to stabilize USDCat against BNB valuation, backed by reserves in SOL, BTC, and Perpetual Contracts.

Complex DEX Model: Leveraging the Algorithm-stabilized Cat ecosystem to attract comprehensive participation from users and investors into CYCat DEX.

Three Paradigm tokens: Algorithm-stabilized, DEX stability, and financial stability. All three tokens are concurrently offered and initiate cheese upgrades.


Model 1: Transaction fees propel volumes to 10 million, inducing price escalations by 200 times.

Model 2: Transaction fees propel volumes to 20 million, resulting in price escalations by 400 times.

Model 3: Transaction fees propel volumes to 50 million, leading to price escalations by 1000 times.

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