☢️CYCat Active

CYCat reshapes BSC, and improves BSC's daily activity by 200% through CYCAT's MEME pump.

CYCat Active: CYCat inherits the community attribute of MEME culture, and harmonizes the ambiguous connotation of web2 and web3, so as to enhance the penetration and show the social meaning and sense of value more strongly. CYCat enhances the confidence of holders and participants through financial model, and makes more people focus on MEME culture itself rather than anchoring the purchasing power of USD.


Content Creation Reward

Content creation reward: users get corresponding rewards by creating valuable MEME content to encourage them to participate in community creation.

Sharing and Forwarding Incentive Mechanism

Users get extra rewards by sharing and forwarding interesting MEME content, thus expanding the influence of MEME.

Community Voting and Selection Mechanism

Community members participate in the voting and selection of MEME content, select high-quality works, and provide recognition and rewards for them.

Regular Social Activities and Competitions

The community holds regular MEME creation competitions, online activities or community gatherings to enhance community cohesion and activity.

Social Interaction Reward Mechanism

Encourage users to interact, comment and share MEME content with other users on social media, so as to increase the interaction and participation of the community.

CYCat encourages the activity of MEME and emphasizes the value to realize MEME pump, increase the daily active users of BSC, and further promote the prosperity and development of the community.

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