💹Cheese Upgrade

The cheese upgrade is an iterative version of the Queensland upgrade. As an internal version, Queensland upgrade does not need to be described too much in CYCat. We will focus on the ecological breakt

🆕Queensland Upgrade

Promote the whole chain of MEME tokens to be more community-based and culturally spread, and the Queensland upgrade will be updated synchronously with CYCat.

☍Community Participation and Feedback

Strengthen community intelligence mechanism and standardize community meetings in Discord. Fixed social feedback channels to enhance data acceptance and optimization. Ensure 80% effective participation and support.

🫠Technical Upgrading and Optimization

Through upgrading, mapping and optimization of CYCat series, the evolution of intelligent contract code is completed, which adapts to MEME bridge and MEME basic network of Layer0 level.

🎗️Improvement of Cost Mechanism

Upgrade the dynamic rate mechanism based on transaction volume, aiming at balancing transaction cost and network load. After CYCat completed the phenomenal market value, it encouraged more active, extensive and sustainable holding and exchange, introduced the incremental rate of the excess daily transaction volume, and improved the stability and predictability of MEME network.

🛟Security Enhancement

CYCat series network will emphasize the asset encryption and security of Crypto. Through MEME basic network and Layer0 broadcast, the assets can be declared, standardized and unified, and MEME encryption insurance service can be provided.

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