🔮CYCat Finance

Adding a new financial AI, minting algorithm to stabilize the value of USDCat currency pegged BNB, reserve SOL, BTC, and perpetual hedging contract.

♨️Source of financial value

The financial value of CYCat mainly comes from three aspects: goodwill, users and assets. Goodwill represents the reputation and trust of the project in the market, users refer to the user groups of the project, and assets refer to all kinds of encrypted assets held by the project.

Pegging BNB value and reserve assets

CYCat chose to anchor its value on BNB(Binance Coin), which means that the value of the project is supported and guaranteed by BNB blockchain. In addition, CYCat also reserves a certain number of SOL(Solana), BTC and perpetual hedging contracts to increase the diversity and stability of its assets.

🔨Mint Algorithm Stabilized Coin USDCat

CYCat adopts a casting mechanism of algorithmically stabilized coins. Compared with USDCAT, CYCAT has more financial attributes and values. Through this mechanism, CYCat can play a more important role in the cryptocurrency market and provide users with more financial services and tools.

💥Collision and communication between users and real society

Similar to USDCat, CYCat also encourages users to collide and communicate with real society to promote the spread of project culture. This kind of collision and communication can be realized through various forms of activities and projects, such as sponsoring cultural activities and community volunteer activities.

🚰Financial infrastructure

CYCat is not only a project in digital currency, but also provides financial infrastructure to prepare for the subsequent vigorous ecological development. This means that CYCat hopes to become a part of an ecosystem, providing financial services and support for other projects and users, thus promoting the development and growth of the entire cryptocurrency industry.

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