💎What's Three Models

🎁Presenting the pioneering Algorithm-stabilized Cat Token, featuring Long-Models/Bullish-Models, with the objective of augmenting Binance Smart Chain's Daily Active Users (DAU) by 200%.

Long-model: 40% fees are allocated towards repurchasing, thereby instigating price escalations ranging from 200 to 1000 times the initial valuation.

⭐Algorithm-stabilized Cat:A groundbreaking financial AI engineered to stabilize USDCat against BNB valuation, backed by reserves in SOL, BTC, and Perpetual Contracts.

⭐Complex DEX Model: Leveraging the Algorithm-stabilized Cat ecosystem to attract comprehensive participation from users and investors into CYCat DEX.

⭐Three Paradigm tokens: Algorithm-stabilized, DEX stability, and financial stability. All three tokens are concurrently offered and initiate cheese upgrades.

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